Yvonne's (Eve’s) musical background began in Kenya, Eastern Africa. One may attribute her interest in music to her Grandmother, who was the head of the Kangundo Christian choir in Kangundo, Kenya. Having being born with a natural propensity for music, her Grandmother’s influence was just an additional aspect.

Yvonne (Eve) took an interest in music at a very early age and began formal music classes, which were taught in the Kenyan/British curriculum from age 7. Her participation in school choirs and acappella groups assisted in her musical growth and educational pursuits. She later took on piano, violin,organ, saxophone and guitar. Eve studied at the Kenya Conservatoire of Music, Salem State University, Cape Cod Conservatory of Music and Berklee College of Music.

After re-locating to the United States, Yvonne (Eve) wrote and recorded music in both the Swahili and English languages under her record label, EMMusic Records. All 28 self-written songs can be found on Amazon and iTunes. She has also participated as a principal pianist at an African-American and African church both in Lynn MA and Quincy MA and currently as a Jazz and classical pianist in solo engagements and ensembles. In addition, Eve is a Classical and Jazz trained vocalist and instrumentalist, currently performing at many banquets, concerts as well as churches and other international venues.

In addition to her Nursing degree and minor in Biology, she has a Bachelors of Arts in music. Eve continues to attend the Cape Cod conservatory as a life long student of music elegance. During her studies she has enjoyed numerous performances both as a solo performance, band member and soprano vocalist in women’s choirs and mixed choirs. She is currently a composer, song writer, recording artist and producer. She enjoys teaching and performing music and participating /celebrating the growth of other musicians.

Music Mentors: Alexander Pappas, John Makilya, Petronilla Makilya, Jacquie Joy, Jeff & Maureen Seaberg, Dr. Phil Swanson, Dr. Beverly Soll, Dr. Dirk Hillyer and Lary Chaplan